Audit Ready.

Don't wait for OSHA to show up to know your compliance status.


100% Confident Training Compliance

Real-Time Connected Compliance Tracking covers the complicated overlapping national standards and federal requirements for industrial workers. EasyEHS analyzes facility documentation for gaps in compliance. Whenever there are areas in compliance that are identified as “at risk” with national standards, or when there are possible violations of OSHA regulations, facility administrators can easily identify these issues in real-time and address them before potential violations can be issued.


Inspection Compliance Made EASY!

From Fire Extinguishers to fall protection. Safety showers to respiratory equipment- EasyEHS tracks ALL required inspections, certifications and service life cycles for critical safety equipment (including PPE). Easily print weather-proof QR Code labels on-demand and forget expensive antiquated barcode scanners. With EasyEHS's secure cloud-based technology, EHS managers can be 100% certain that required daily, monthly and annual inspections and certifications remain current and compliant on all tracked equipment!


Simplify Incident Severity Trends

With EasyEHS Incident Reporting dashboard, safety impacts can be visually represented globally by site, location, department and key demographic. Visual representation of critical trends in risk management will help EHS managers greatly reduce the negative impacts of safety related incidents. Take charge of incident occurrence tracking with actionable results!


Connected Documentation

EasyEHSIQ easily connects all aspects of your team’s qualifications, competency, and compliance thoroughly and accurately. In addition to individual student JPR’s tracked, facility employer level requirements (EFRs) from OSHA can also be tracked and evaluated for qualification compliance gaps. Since record keeping and documentation for training records is required by both OSHA and other agencies, each class session tracked by EasyEHSIQ can be linked to these requirements, as well as site-specific employer requirements. This key module automatically connects qualification training to compliance requirements for facilities, as well as individual facility members.


Flexible Functionality

EasyEHSiQ allows facility administrators and instructors to track training conducted on- or off-site, anywhere in the world. Authorized Instructors can build site-specific courses all with individualized performance objectives and requirements. Student certificates documenting training proficiency are produced automatically after the successful completion of all qualification courses. EasyEHSIQ also ensures employee qualifications remain current by alerting facility administrators of their pending expirations so that training can be conducted prior to non-compliance status.


Protect Your Training Investment

Training classes, attendance records and student certification documents are required to be readily accessible in the event of an unexpected OSHA Audit. EasyEHSIQ maintains secure electronic documentation of all relevant training materials, student certificates and class agendas, while always allowing authorized users immediate access in the event of an audit or unexpected facility investigation. When class attendance rosters are loaded into the EasyEHS system, attendance reports are automatically created upon completion of each training class and immediately update the real-time compliance dashboard.


Guiding EHS Managers through the complicated compliance process to your facility and members are qualified and equipped to safely handle assigned job duties.